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New York Islander Fan Central | 12/10/2007 05:19:00 PM |
Easy poll topic this week, where do you see the Islanders finishing in the Eastern Conference this season.

Choices are as follows:
Division winner top three
Four through seven
Eighth again
Out of contention
Bottom of conference

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Going into the season I picked the club to finish sixth. Unfortunately based on the clubs problems scoring I have a tough time seeing that happen unless this team finds it's offensive game at even strength and on the powerplay.

In terms of defense and goaltending they look like a solid playoff team. Complete confidence in Campoli-Gervais out in any circumstances. Martinek and Witt have been outstanding for the most part. Sutton has been much better (outside of his mistake against Boston) and has settled in. Bergeron was playing well on defense but his comments and what looks like a benching could mean all bets are off. Berard for the most part has been steady on defense.

If things continue as they are with the Islanders not being able to score or improve the powerplay I see them at the bottom of the conference. No NHL team that has this many problems scoring can hang in for eighty two games. Thirteen games is much more than a slump and the frustration level is very obvious.