Logan blog on scoring and last year's team

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Newsday: Greg Logan's blog is on the lack of scoring with comparisions to last year's club. The five on five play was a key difference that goaltender Rick DiPietro discusses.

“Well, I think the big thing for us last year was our five-on-five scoring. I think we were rated pretty high in the league. We had a lot of guys overachieve last year, and that helps out quite a bit. But we’ve got the talent in here to score goals. It comes down to getting those power-play chances and capitalizing on them. It’s not happening right now.”

Mr Logan comments after this are very telling:
DiPietro’s point about five-on-five scoring is well-taken. The Isles’ ratio of
five-on-five goals for and against last season was 1.18, which ranked sixth in the NHL. Their current ratio is 0.82, which ranks 26th. This is a very important indicator. Of the top 16 teams in this category last season, 13 made the playoffs.

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