When fans of teams in the media attack

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/18/2007 12:28:00 PM | |
Philadelphia Daily News: Ed Moran today does what a passionate Flyer fan reporter is supposed to do who's lobbying to help the club he covers on the ice. He writes an article designed to put the focus on the league for the Flyers leading the NHL in penalties.

Coach John Stevens also adds his quotes to it.

NYI Fan Central Commnts:
I bring this up as a New York Islander Fan Central topic because our limited media does not do this to help our club. Not last year when the Isles had the second worst powerplay to penalty disparity at minus ninety and not in games like Saturday where Crosby got his call. If anything the people who punch the time clock to cover the Islanders will go the other way and blame the team for the penalties before they step out and lobby for anything that would benefit the Islanders.

Features like this for the Islanders are unheard of unless a team employee writes it.

Mr Moran does a fine job here making his point the suspensions have the league cracking down on penalties against the Flyers. You see this for other clubs too at times from the beatwriters when officials make too many penalty calls against the teams they cover and are fans of.

It just does not happen here from our media because we have no Islander fans covering the club.

But we do have blogs and this is what my NYI Fan Central will do when called for to put the spotlight on such coverage and the motivation behind it.