A few decisions about NYI Fan Central

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/17/2008 09:55:00 AM |
I have been thinking about this for a while as I always look to add concepts I think would make this blog of more value to it's visitors.

Going back to my other cyberspace ventures I would post full articles or parts of articles based on others folks rules for their sites. This is my blog and the final decisions now are all mine.

Having written that I have made the decision to no longer post parts of articles or quotes of other writer's work. I will credit the author, link to it so we can read it and provide my own summary of the article and at times include NYI Fan Central comments, but I'm no longer interested in reprinting copyrighted material and it will give me a little more time to do more of my own features here.

Bottom line we can all click on the links and give our thoughts of an article and have discussions anyway and I can still put the writer's perspective under the spotlight. This also includes any information from the Islanders or Sound Tigers websites.

Second, even though the AP or Ticker are already in the feeders here and all over the blog, I intend to start adding one of them to the daily news articles because they usually have most of the the quotes from both sides. The other day I read an AP summary where our so-called Daily News home coverage was supposed to be and noticed something....

The News gave the AP more space than they give Peter Botte.

I'm not sure which one I will select but will try both.

Finally being that the Isles website allows us to share video's of the game I'm going to include it in the sidebar at NYI Fan Central so everyone who wants can come and view the highlight package they do an excellent job at putting together.

I have been reluctant to do this for a while because I notice some sites have it come on automatically which can be annoying if you visit often. The way this is set up you have to hit the play button so it's up to you.