A few words: Kyle Okposo to Bridgeport

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/06/2008 02:17:00 AM |
Seemed like a foregone conclusuion given he's a right wing on a team with Bill Guerin, Miroslav Satan and Trent Hunter. I supose you could demote Tim Jackman but is it worth it for this young player to being played limited minutes on a fourth line?

Best thing for Okposo to do is get used to the pro game and see expanded minutes in the AHL for now.

Even though it's later in the season because Okposo signed before the beginning of the new year if he plays more than nine games with the Islanders he losses his rookie status and his contract counts as a full year. Islanders I'm sure do not want a Luongo situtation where the Milstein's sent him down to avoid him playing enough games to get him a bonus which caused friction.

We may see Okposo up for a few games if he dominates in Bridgeport and the Islanders need him down the stretch but the more likely senario is if he comes up at all it will be because a right winger is traded.

There is also a chance Bridgeport could be a playoff team but right now they look like a low seed at best if at all.

Not too sure how an Okposo callup would sit would his Bridgeport teammates either at some point given how long Tambellini, Nielsen, Colliton and several players have waited their turn. Of course were talking right wings when it comes to Okposo and it comes down to what the staff thinks.

For now Islanders should just let him rest up, perhaps do a little press conference and get him ready to make his pro debut late next week.