Funny thing about depth

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Back in early November I did a blog called Prospects at the Crossroads and pointed to the lack of production in the system and how many were not making much of a statistical impression at the time with the exception of Steve Regier at the time.

I also looked at how the Isles simply called up Trent Hunter slumping in 2003-04 and gave him his spot for good at a time he was not producing well for Bridgeporthere and he just dominated scoring his career high twenty five goals.

We are kind of seeing the same thing now with Blake Comeau to a lesser degree in a different role, where even Ted Nolan said his game is better suited to the NHL after not have statistical results in Bridgeport.

My question today is how many more players at the AHL level in Bridgeport does this apply to? I look at Jeremy Colliton who has been hurt but has not been producing as well as one would expect at this point or is he just learning to be a
well-rounded game more suited for the NHL?

Coaches want players who can play defense in the NHL when they are called up, not players who only play offense or who can not win the puck in the corners who play without a lot of composure. Colliton when he was drafted was a top level prospect, has anything really changed besides the face he's been injured?

I look at a player like Frans Nielsen who is an older prospect and wonder how the club will make room for him with Andy Hilbert, Bates signed for the long term and Ben Walter needing his opportunity sooner as opposed to later? I look at Richard Park with his long-term deal on left wing with Bergenheim and Comeau and ask if Fedntenko is re-signed how do they find any spot for Jeff Tambellini next year and that does not include left wing Chris Simon unless Ted Nolan plans on moving Comeau back to a right wing role?

Looking at the Sound Tigers it's hard to get a read on Jack Capuano's line combinations with so many callups, injuries and pto signings at the Bridgeport level where even Justin Bourne got a game on right wing. Ted Nolan seems to keep players in their designated positions but Blake Comeau broke in as a right wing, Steve Regier a right wing. At this time however a lot of those players are on the left side and the roster has six centers listed, even though Matt Keith was a right wing.

I'm not even close to done yet when you even mention a Jason Pitton and Trevor Smith, Sean Bentivoglio and the wave of upcoming talent including the prospects from the WJC (Tomas Marcinko/Rhett Rakhshani) and maybe even Luciano Aquino entering the last year of his contract having a great statistical year at Fort Wayne.

To say nothing of a Jesse Joensuu, Shea Guthrie, Brian Day, Jason Gregoire, Maxim Gratchev, Kim Johansson, Doug Rogers and wildcards from past drafts like Igor Volkov
and Evgeni Tunik.

Funny thing is Petteri Nokelainen went from center to right wing and now back to center which was his draft position.

I look at the all the defenders signed for next year and ask how can Dustin Kohn win a spot?

Point Blank: Chris Botta had a blog on several subjects but also talks about the club's prospect depth.

Funny thing about depth is when you seem to give players a chance you find you go from not having enough to maybe having too many options.

That's a good thing.