My Critical Mid-season stats

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/28/2008 10:13:00 PM |
Islanders did their first half stats and game highlights breakdown showing the top leaders in stats like hits or blocked shots among several statistics.

I thought I would go the other way and look at the key trends that were a problem last year.

* As many know last year the Isles were a very good five on five club and this year they simply are not with the plus minus telling that story.

* Where things are different is last year the Isles pp to penalty was over a minus ninety disparity. At this point Islanders have improved if you want to call it that to a minus twenty eight at two hundred seven times on the powerplay vs two hundred thirty five times shorthanded.

* Isles are twenty third in powerplays vs fifth in times shorthanded so again Colin Campbell's officials seem to not be giving the Isles anything close to an even split, never mind the teams who are a plus in this department.

* Islanders are sixth best shorthanded.
* seventh in shorthanded goals scored with seven.
* twenty seventh in powerplay goals with only thirty three.
* twenty ninth in powerplay goals against with nine. (Carolina 30th)
* Isles are ninth in faceoff percentage.
* Isles are in a mix around 20th in overtime losses with six.