New York 3, Ottawa 1

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Islanders website: Adam Baruch and Jason Lockhart have the recap of the Islanders 3-1 win Sunday in Ottawa with comments from Ted Nolan and Marc-Andre Bergeron on how the club played and on DiPietro almost scoring in the final minute.

"We played some great teams on this trip, and Ricky was always there to hold the fort," said Bergeron. "We found a way to get some points. Getting six points against these teams is pretty good. We'll take it."

"We all know the importance of penalty killing and the power play," said head coach Ted Nolan. "Bergeron had a couple of nice shots on the power play. Every time a team has an emotional game the night before, you try to catch them off their guard. We were able to take advantage tonight. With 20 minutes left in the game it was all about laying it on the line to make this a good trip. Our guys worked hard to get the two points. We know how tough this Western swing was. It was a quick turnaround going from out West to meet an Eastern Conference rival. Give them full marks."

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Goes without writing it a huge win and one they needed given the Saturday's results.
Satan played so Tambellini got a plane ride and was sent back down to Bridgeport.

Islanders came on fast in this game and almost scored early a few times, then Ottawa started skating and decided to get physical throwing a lot big hits which the Isles hung in and gave it right back without too many penalties. I love how Gervais did not take anything from Spezza and Alfredsson.

Comrie had his best game as an Islander, generated countless chances without much help and could have had a few more if Gerber did not rob him. He just took the puck and drove the net and made a great move early in the second. His pp setup for the opening goal is exactly what this team needs to be doing, he sent it low to Guerin who went right at the goal and as the players collapsed around Gerber the Isles outnumbered Ottawa and Bergeron came in and gave New York the 1-0 goal.

Still the Isles did not do enough in terms of quality chances with their powerplay.

Ottawa then lost Spezza but came out and dominated, even with the Isles getting a beief five on three where the pp went nowhere. Ottawa finally made good on the Islanders penalties with a deflection goal.

Third period Islanders were the better team, maybe the injuries or three games in four nights finally caught up with the Sens, does not matter. Islanders took the play at them and Comrie's speed created a goal with Bergeron's shot finishing off another play. Islanders wanted the game more down the stretch.

Never easy as Ottawa kept working but the defense held in there, DiPietro gave them enough big saves until the final minute.

He just missed that open net, too bad but he had the one goal cushion, a second period giveaway almost cost him.

Huge win and a very good effort, best on the road trip where they had problems with Ottawa's speed and skill but generated their own quality chances and had some jump in the third period. Considering they did this without Witt and Martinek that's a heck of a effort on the backline.