Quick Poll

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/23/2008 02:15:00 AM |
Sorry, not big on poll's about the blog but needed some help and wanted your feedback.

I recently added Islander game highlight's from the Islanders website on the sidebar for those who may not have access because this is video we are allowed to share.

This is set up so you are not annoyed by it playing constantly every time you visit. You click on it if you want, it plays once and that's it.

Being that the club has such limited media coverage and the papers are not giving the Islanders much space for the comments of Ted Nolan or the players, would you like me to include the post-game press conference ITV also does on the sidebar so you can hear the large majority of the press conferences and the player interviews?

A lot of out of town papers and websites ask questions that you may be interested in that are not going to make it into Newsday and especially the city papers.

I'm not going to start posting game day skates or anything else, just the game highlights on the sidebar and the post-game questions and answers if enough folks think it's a good idea and makes the blog more enjoyable when you visit.

If folks want to answer the blog here or in e-mail as many do that's fine if they do not want to do a poll.

Either way, thank you in advance.