SI Feature on NY goaltenders terrible

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Sports Michael Farber's feature on the three New York area goaltenders which Chris Botta blog's about in Point Blank here.

Mr Botta's blog also includes a few words on Msg's subjective hockey coverage last night, a few items on Kyle Okposo upcoming coverage and who he could play with in Bridgeport.

"Right now he's managing his game better than he did," Brodeur says of DiPietro. "The only question is [about] how emotional he is. When you're a goalie of that stature with that kind of contract, you become a leader. You're responsible for 19 other guys. You have to be composed, to feel you're in control at all times. I'm not sure that he is. He snaps. He breaks his stick. If you're not in control, how can you expect your team to be in control? When he's stable, and I think he will be within a year, things are going to go...." Brodeur extended his fingers, an airplane angling skyward.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I'm kind of surprised Martin Brodeur wasted his time being quoted in such a feature when at this time he's the best local goaltender by current numbers and career numbers both DiPietro and Lundqvist will likely never come close to.

Mr Farber did all he could to create a rivalry here also with Brodeur and Lundqvist.

You think Mr Farber would have shown up Mike Richter with such a feature after the lockout in 1996 and asked if Broduer was better back then or if Tommy Salo or Eric Fichaud and his potential back then brings him into the discussion? I don't think so.

Also very sad Mr Farber needed filler from some low grade message board to supplement his recent hockey knowledge on DiPietro or the Islanders when he's going to other gm's and players. He sure went all out to sell Lundqvist while including negative quotes back to DiPietro's rookie year. He did not write one word about DiPietro's style, how he's done this season or the quotes from many players praising him in the past outside of one un-named trainer.

As a hockey fan I'm insulted by this article and the comments about Brodeur. As an Islander fan I'm disappointed but I have grown used to Michael Farber's sell the Rangers angle to most things he writes when the local teams are involved.

Of course Michael Farber knew how many times Lundqvist has given up four goals or more despite his brutal December numbers. He's a transplanted New Yorker writing out of Montreal who spent most of page three telling us how wonderful Lundqvist game is after Brodeur said otherwise. Did Mr Farber even bother writing DiPietro is dominating both goaltenders this year or how wonderful DiPietro's game is or how he has had them in contention for close almost two full seasons on weak offensive clubs and led them to the 2004 playoffs where he played well and drew praise from players on the Lightning?

Of course not. Bill Guerin was quoted on Brodeur, Shanahan on how he would take Lundqvist over both Brodeur and DiPietro.

Rick DiPietro? We read about Steve Begin and a Sabre talking about how they can score on DiPietro, not his fifty five save game or how he came back in the playoffs last season and won game two and kept the Isles in every game.

Usual shoddy work from Mr Farber and SI, too bad Mr Botta sees this is a positive article.

Waste of my time to even blog on it.