A tale of two Scott Burnside's

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Kind of interesting Espn's Scott Burnside who has not written much of anything on the Isles for a while aside from a few quick blurbs praising Mr Wang's off-ice efforts and not the club's record beyond a blurb on the lack of scoring not being enough long term decided to unload on the Toronto Maple Leafs today here with twenty one losses but not the New York Rangers here even though they have twenty losses?

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Seems like a bit of a double-standard here by Mr Burnside and some subjective reporting.

The Ranger ownership has had more problems than the Leafs ownership off ice and spent ninety million dollars on two centers so Brandon Dubinsky can be a first line center for a large part of the first half of the season? John Ferguson has not gotten much fair treatment in Toronto from the media but how come Mr Burnside is not ripping into the Rangers management who are in last place at this time and Jagr's effort instead of half of an article where Jagr and Tom Renney tell their story with no criticism Mr Burnside reserved only for the Leafs?

Also fair to write going into the season Ranger expectations were higher than Leaf expectations or that's what Scott Burnside told us in his NHL preview where he picked them first in the East and first in the Atlantic back on September 29th here.

Every time the Islanders struggle on the ice or make a hockey move that's open to criticism Mr Burnside is among the first to rip the organization. I did not see the Islander players criticized in the past quoted in Mr Burnside's work as Jagr and Tom Renney were allowed here.

Why are these circumstances different?