20,000 Thanks everyone !

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/09/2008 09:04:00 AM |

It would not be appropriate if I did not stop and thank everyone as NYI Fan Central hits the twenty thousand mark today.

Thanks everyone for your kind words and support.

Not too shabby for a blog started in late July that has done virtually no advertising.

What can I write other than to thank everyone who visits and the Islanders for carrying New York Islander Fan Central and all the response. Folks may not agree with everything written here but I do feel I have kept my promise of putting in the work here and that is not going to change.

Special thanks to Mr Prospects for taking the time to do his daily prospect updates on the message board for everyone. And my thanks to the folks on the radio programs it's been my pleasure to talk with.

Also congratulations to the other folks in blog box, I have read most if not all the blogs and the work is outstanding. As someone who is not a participating member at the box doing the interviews or sitting there covering games, these folks all do a great job for the fans and all of their sites add something special.

I highly suggest checking them all out.

Thanks again everyone.