2/5: New York vs Anaheim 7pm FSN

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Islanders website: Has the preview of tonight's game against the Stanley Cup Champion Anaheim Ducks with Ted Nolan's comments on practice and how the new players did.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I suspect if Richard Park can go Jeff Tambellini will be on the sidelines even if some folks may disagree unless a left winger changes position or they create some new lines or a veteran forward get's benched. Nielsen will likely take Sillinger's spot at center while Brennan will be in for Jackman on the right. From those who follow Bridgeport know Brennan is a top enforcer who will do a good job if a fight is needed.

Two very desperate club's here struggling to score and on big losing streaks. One is likely getting back Teemu Selanne, the other losing Mike Sillinger. Something has to give for the Islanders in the next week or two or it's fair to say this team can find itself around thirteenth and double digits out of the eighth spot facing the trade deadline. Maybe the younger player raises the skill level and their speed buys the veterans more time to get the puck where they need it.

Islanders have to gut out a win here any way possible whether it be ugly or great.

No other alternative given the teams gaining points in the division. There is no time for any illness, injury or excuse. No doubt Selanne's return if he plays is a big boost for Anaheim.

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Updated 3pm:
Media Blog: Cory Witt reports Aaron Johnson will dress on defense as Bergeron-Berard get the night off while Richard Park is a game time decision which will decide if Jeff Tambellini will play.

Also covered is Mike Sillinger's injury.

Updated 5pm:
Newsday: Greg Logan has Mike Sillinger's comments to where his hip hurt to the point where he could not move any more and if tried he would have no power or lateral movement.

Lineup changes are speculated based on Richard Park who is a game time decision.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Loss of Mike Sillinger is enormous and it's fair to speculate if three weeks could be his season if this becomes chronic. Ironically if that's the case it could mean he avoids being traded and will return for the final year of his contract.