Appeared on IslesNation Tuesday 3pm

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/27/2008 03:29:00 AM | | | | |
Had a great time at the trade deadline on Tuesday as I appeared on Islesnation here with Tony and Pete who as always gave everyone an excellent show. Alex from Hockey Night on Long Island here also called in with some great insights and even though Tom Liodice from the Tiger Tracks blog here was at the Coliseum covering events live from the blog box he called in and did a great job for everyone answering questions from the Isles blog box here with several updates.

For those interested in listening to the ninety minute show that ran from 3-4:30pm check it out here or check the sidebar for the show as well as Alex ans Steve's hockey night on LI who also do outstanding work on their Saturday program.

Thanks again everyone for a great trade deadline day and once again all time records set at New York Islander Fan Central.

A quick e-mail chat with Phil Mushnick of the NY Post will be appearing here on Thursday after I give my final thoughts on the Isles trade deadline later today or tonight.