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Phil Mushnick of the New York Post responded to an e-mail I sent him with questions about the Islanders coverage on Monday. Here is my e-mail and his response.
Mr Mushnick,
I would like to ask you a few questions question regarding the Post and it's Hockey coverage of the New York Islanders with relation to your job as someone who covers the media.

You have told me in the past you remember the old days of the Islanders and gave me a few names of their players in the seventies, don't you have an obligation of someone who holds the media under the spotlight that you turn that same spotlight at your own editors and writers for not having a full time writer on the Islanders beat at the New York Post considering Mr Everson reports full time on the Devils and Jay Greenberg is allowed to add occasional Ranger coverage?

How come the sports editor at your paper cannot add a full time Islader blog to supplement coverage, it cannot be that expensive to add a blog page and update it after games to make up for small articles?

Do you feel an obligation to point out Larry Brooks is entitled to his opnion that the Islanders are not New York but in fact as a New York area team and entitled to the same media standards given to the East Rutherford New Jersey Giants and Jets considering you recall how much print space and backpages the Isles used to receive?

Isles if I recall correctly within the last two years have paid for backpage advertising in the Post.

I think the standard is very subjective at the Post regarding hockey as the person assigned the media beat don't you have an obligation to point this out in your space, even if it's at your own paper including what the real hockey ratings are and not what Barry Watkins Msg's media department has claimed earlier this season.

I want to thank you in advance if you take the time to respond but have to let you know up front I have a blog and will be printing my question and any response you provide word for word for my readers because my site holds the hockey media under the spotlight just as you do with other media.

Thank You
NYI Fan Central
- Brother, if I were King of The Post a lot of things would be done differently. But I'm assigned to cover TV and radio. To that end, MSG does a rotten job covering the Isles, especially since it owns the rights to the team's telecasts. The Post's (lack of) coverage of the Isles is a financial (cost-cutting) decision. I happen to be an Islander fan. Bothers me, too.

Thanks - mushnick