A few words: Howie, Billy and Deb

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I do not want to be critical of the on-air performance because I think in general all three do quality work overall.

Having written that I was taken aback at how little credit Howie Rose and Billy Jaffe were giving the Isles in Toronto. Mr Rose either seems too excited after any chance to score when the Isles are struggling to do anything or when they are scoring barely raises his voice after a great save or play and sometimes both announcers talk through important plays.

Mr Jaffe has a little too much cheerleading in his coverage but Islanders are so starved for someome to show them a little love in the media it's easy to look past it. Only downside to his on-air work is Islanders could play a terrible game and somehow be winning and he see's all the positives or they could be losing and playing well but all he does is point out the negatives.

Of course, I just was critical of both after a good win so that goes in several directions at times. Again, to me the overall work has quality.

But that's not why I'm doing a blog today about them.

Deb Kaufman has full access to Ted Nolan and seems to be leading the media with quesrtions after games, specially on the road in terms of questions for the coach.

She has a blog at Msg that was updated on Feb 1st and 6th here but before that had not written one article since October 22nd?

Mr Jaffe has had a few recent sit downs with Chris King on Islanders television and sometimes does the practice reports. We all know on occasion he's on Versus for games as well. But he also has a blog at Msg here and outside of one blog on Feb 1st, has done only two blogs this season for the team aside from telling Islander and Ranger fans to respect the national anthem.

Mr Rose also has a blog at Msg here which has not been updated all season but had two blogs in the playoffs against Buffalo and one on March 29th 2007.

My question is if they are around the club on game days and have a blog why not give the fans some information on a consistent basis? I'm sure Ms Kaufman still has to do pregame interviews and get the coaches comments but overall the pregame has been eliminated from Islander television coverage this year for the most part.

Devils have Steve Cangialosi, Ken Daneyko, I'm not sure if Mr Fischler has been to Newark. Butch Goring's appearances have been infrequent.

I think these are fair questions. I know the updates have been so rare I do not post them here nor am I asking for daily blogs but how about once a week?

Butch Goring is not included for those wondering.

You may ask why did I not include Chris King and Steve Mears in this?
1. They do not have blog space at Msg because they are not employees of the Garden.
2. Both do most of the practice reports on game day for Isles TV and do postgame shows from the Coliseum on the radio.