Final Poll Results:

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/27/2008 12:57:00 AM |
Thanks to everyone for participating in our latest poll, it was only up for a day and a half but it produced big numbers. What the Isles basically did was highlighed.

Your the gm, make the final call:
Final Numbers:
Buyer 3 (7%)
Seller 14 (33%)
Both to a degree 21 (50%)
Tambellini goes 7 (16%)
Fedotenko goes 25 (59%)
Satan goes after waiving NTC 26 (61%)
Vasicek goes 13 (30%)
Comrie goes 4 (9%)
Stick with everyone, hope to resign them later 1 (2%)
Anyone not resigned goes by Tuesday 8 (19%)
Someone under contract is traded 3 (7%)
Prospects are traded 1 (2%)
Prospects go nowhere 22 (52%)
Tired of waiting, go for it now 2 (4%)
Stick to the plan, even if it means not winning now 17 (40%)
Trade a top pick 1 (2%)
Keep the top picks 26 (61%)
Trade mid-late rounders for help 11 (26%)
Stand pat and trade nothing Tuesday 1 (2%)

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