Poll: Decide who stays or goes?

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/10/2008 11:03:00 AM |
Thanks to everyone who voted in the recent poll. The overwhelming response was to start benching veterans and play kids.

Of course, that became moot when most of the prospects were called up just to fill out a lineup, but the response for the most part was to start getting ready for next year.

Which brings us to this weeks poll where you vote whether to keep or move the core of this team. Comrie, Satan, Vasicek, Fedntenko and Hunter are pending UFA while Sillinger, Witt and Guerin are signed through next season.

Of course I will set this up so you can vote to keep a player under contract, resign a pending UFA or made a trade.

We are only a handful of games from the trade deadline and the Islanders are days away from fifteenth. They are also only six points out of a playoff spot and a winning streak over a week could put them right back in a mix of clubs for the eighth or seventh seed.

In a few weeks it's up to the Hockey committee, for the next week it's up to you.

Reasons why you made a decision are welcome here and on the message board and I'm curious to read the comments behind the votes if you are willing to share.