Islander/NHL Notables

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Islanders TV had full interviews with Ruslan Fedotenko and Mike Comrie on the team and the trade deadline today after practice which is now on the sidebar here for those interested.

It's best you click and listen to get your own impressions directly from them. Very good job on the interviews and the questions. Someone yelled out in the background Mike Comrie is going nowhere while he was doing his interview.

Steve Mears and Chris King also reported from Islanders practice at Iceworks for about seventeen minutes on ITV, all players practiced and a lot of things regarding the trade deadline were speculated on.

Brendan Witt walked around and Jon Sim skated on the side.

Fox Al Strachan had a very interesting article where he does a little creative accounting with his theory being that an accumulation of high draft picks guarantees the development of a powerhouse is simply unsupportable.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Mr Strachan works for the Toronto Sun to the best of my knowledge and makes some good points here about smart drafting in the lower rounds being a major factor of a club's long-term success but he only needs to look at the Toronto Maple Leaf team he covers as proof you cannot continue to trade top picks for quick fixes or go for it at the deadline every year.