Just say NO to Toronto

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/19/2008 05:03:00 PM | | | |
Cbc.com: Scott Morrison reports what's going on at the gm meetings with speculation it's believed the Leafs have talked to the New York Islanders about potential interest in Bryan McCabe. On Monday here he reported the rumors were the Isles were looking to move Satan and Comrie.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I do not put a lot of stock in a lot of this but it comes from a credible media source so take it for what it's worth with the slew of other rumors. I saw reports from Tsn on Jason Blake regarding the Isles but nothing with a link to something beyond speculation of the writer so I rejected posting it here.

Having written that I think Bryan McCabe is a turnover machine who cannot help this defense and makes far too much money who was just out twenty two games and has not been a good overall player for years. Even if he did want to waive his no trade clause to come here which is questionable at best, why would Garth Snow, Ted Nolan and the hockey committee make a Milbury-like deal, take on his long-term contract and pay Toronto young talent and maybe a high draft pick for the privilege so the Leafs can throw a big offer at Wade Reden in a few months with the cap space they gain?

Just does not work from where I see things.

Isles cannot afford to give up any of their upcoming prospects and need their first round and even the second round pick. They have put a lot into Gervais and Campoli and have three other defenders under contract for next year in Meyer, Witt and Martinek. Bergeron is restricted and frankly is the same players as McCabe between the big shot, the penalties and at a far more manageable cost. You could almost compare McCabe to Berard also.

If the Leafs want to move Bryan McCabe to the Isles that badly and the Isles want to take on that contract, the Leafs should give the Isles their first round pick, a prospect and take on some bad contracts the Isles do not want like Shawn Bates to make up the cap space.

Otherwise the Leafs are a club the Isles do not have to worry about in free agency with little cap room if they want to have a talk with Wade Redden or the top two defenders this group does need.

I like Jason Blake and know his speed would help and even in Toronto is among the league leaders in shots, but the Isles did not want to pay his price seven months ago, so now they are going to take that contract after a terrible season combined with him having Leukemia so the Leafs can sign someone else and start again?

I do not see this as being feasible for the club in terms of a trade unless a first round pick comes the Isles way from the Leafs and not just one.

Unless Cliff Fletcher is ready to give up their first round pick to move these players, just say no to Toronto.