New Poll: Final call you decide

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/24/2008 04:11:00 PM |
NYI Fan Central trade deadline poll puts you on the hot-seat and the final decisions are now in your hands with the clock running.

This pressure packed poll ends at 3:50pm on Tuesday, shortly after the trade deadline ends and all late deals are filtering in.

I hope those who vote take the time to repond and tell us why you voted as you did and give us your plan.

Thank You and good luck.

Both to a degree
Tambellini goes
Fedotenko goes
Satan goes after waiving NTC
Vasicek goes
Comrie goes
Stick with everyone, hope to resign them later
Anyone not resigned goes by Tuesday
Someone under contract is traded
Prospects are traded
Prospects go nowhere
Tired of waiting, go for it now
Stick to the plan, even if it means not winning now
Trade a top pick
Keep the top picks
Trade mid-late rounders for help
Stand pat and trade nothing Tuesday