New York 3, San Jose 2

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Islanders website: Jason Lockhart has the recap of today's
3-2 win vs the San Jose Sharks with Ted Nolan's comments on how the club pulled together and found a way to win and credited Mike Comrie on his goal.

Andy Sutton left the game late in the third period with a hamstring injury and did not return. He will be re-evaluated tomorrow...Blake Comeau was boarded in the third period by leading to a five-minute power play. Comeau did not return, but said he was fine after the game.

Associated Press: Has an early recap.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Huge win but frankly they stole two points and for two periods it looked like the games against the Kings and Ducks where they did virtually nothing.

Refs had too much control of the game and did not let either team get into any kind of rhythm with back to back five on three's for both clubs.

Having written that San Jose had the better pressure and forced the Isles most of the game and it looked like a trap. After Thornton's goal it looked over as the Isles could not even put two passes together. Isles power play looked completely lost in this game from beginning to end. The early five on three was a nightmare.

Somehow out of nowhere Guerin's backhand went to Hilbert who made a great play for the first goal and Comrie's move one on one caught Kyle McLaren as he made a great shot five hole to tie the game within a minute. Say what you want about Nabokov being injured but Meyer just made a great shot that hit the far post against an excellent goalie for the game winner.

Then Blake Comeau got boarded by Murray and it did not look good when he left, Isles played a mostly conservative power play with the five minutes and San Jose got chances. Andy Sutton injury to me looked very bad, Ted Nolan said it was his hamstring in the postgame.

Isles defense did a solid job, DiPietro made a few excellent saves but the defense got in the passing lanes and forced the Sharks to the angles.

How the Isles got the win was another story, but it's an enormous two points in the overall picture.

Four straight wins heading to Washington. Isles have not won five in a row since December of 1994. One point out of a playoff spot.

We'll see what happens on the injury front. Drew Fata, Mark Wotton, Matt Spiller, Jamie Fraser are the most likely to be called unless Scott Ford is the choice, Dustin Kohn has been out with a shoulder injury.

Chris Simon just found his spot for Thursday if Comeau is out for any length of time.

Gone are the days of nine defenders and six spots, long gone. Sutton's loss may be too much because he was playing the best defense of his career. Gervais, Witt and even Jon Sim skated at practice.

Biggest win of the season to date in terms of momentum, feels like Isles stole two points today.