Newsday's Islander blog fails fans in January

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Neil Best: Who does the media blog for Newsday and wrote recently he is a Ranger fan since he was a teenager here reports in the Islanders primary paper and the only one with a blog on the club the January page views are in, and for the first time in its nine-month history, WatchDog topped all Newsday sports blogs with the Ranger blog by Steve Zipay was a close second and the Giants blog a close third.

Both set new monthly highs.

Oh yes, Mr Zipay had two blogs from practice on the Rangers day off. Islander fans got Erik Boland who did a quick newspaper update and no blog update.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Is this what Greg Logan meant in his recent q/a with Chris Botta during the all-star weekend here
when he wrote:

As the primary news reporting source on the Islanders, I feel an even stronger obligation to the fans to provide as much information as possible because I sense how much they are relying on Newsday for insight.

Call me incorrect but I think if Newsday did Islander blogs with practice reports, in-game reports and game notes and even some postgame as Mr Zipay does for his beat several times a day Islander readership would be stronger at Newsday and call for more coverage space in the paper.

Isn't that what primary sources of information are supposed to provide?

I don't care of it's Greg Logan, Mark Herrmann, Erik Boland, Katie Stang or whoever doing the Islander blogging but the best way to keep page views down is not to give the readers a constant influx of information.