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Newaday: Greg Logan released the Friday Islander Insider which has Mike Comrie's comments on wanting to be a part of this organization.

He praised the core group of guys, an ownership that wants to win that treats the players extremely well, what he considers the best coaching staff in the league and a situation that he says he wants to be a part of. Ted Nolan and Comrie commented on why he struggles at times and how the opposition keys on him as a wide range of things were discussed.

The coach also talked about Sean Hill's suspension and praised the way he competed and his enthusiasm for the game saying it was a lot of fun to coach him. Mr Logan wrote the Isles did not know he tested positive until two weeks before the suspension was handed down as the appeals process was nearing an end.

The AHL prospects, specifically Blake Comeau are written about with what he needs to do more of with Ted Nolan explaining how different the AHL is compared to the NHL.

Teemu Selanne praised Sean Bergenheim who he knows from working out with the following comments:
I'm expecting a lot of things from him. He has all the skills, all the tools to be a great player in this league. I think he's at the point that the only thing he needs is more ice time and confidence. When he reaches that level, he's going to be really good because of his skill level and skating and how strong he is with the puck."

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Mr Logan makes sure to point out Comrie maybe was just giving the politically correct answer and that could be true but did say he has a solid relationship with Ted Nolan.

I know this may not be popular but Mike Comrie can help this team as an offensive player which they lack badly and as long as his demands are within reason should be brought back next season regardless of the final record because they need some core offensive players to build around.

Isles get some speed and skill around him with finishing abilities his game will improve and he will have more time to make plays. All due respect to Andy Hilbert, Richard Park and some of the other left wings but these are not top six forwards in terms of being productive to where opposing forwards will key on them.

The other left wings employed at this time are not first line players yet.

In the end maybe Mike Comrie is not a first line player but he is a second line player at the very least and an offensive talent lacking on the roster and should be resigned if possible. With Satan's possible departure they need a scoring veteran as a fixture.

Good article by Mr Logan here, let's see some more with extra blogs......
A lot more.