NY Post double-standard on Isles

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For openers apparently the PSAL beat is the sports editors preference for Dan Martin because Mike Puma covered Saturday's game while Mr Martin did coverage of a PSAL event.

This was after the Post sent no writer at all to Monday's home game against Philadelphia.

Earlier this year Ranger beat writer Larry Brooks poked fun at Radek Martinek in his column for Ryan Hollwig according to the player pulling at his stitches but when it involves his favorite team here is so offended he writes:

Finally, the faces and titles change but the low-grade environment in Ed Snider's Philadelphia never really does, witness the constant scoreboard video replays of Bully Steve Downie beating up on Fedor Tyutin last Saturday and suggest maybe the Rangers should simply play the "highlight" video of Colton Orr breaking Todd Fedoruk's face every five minutes whenever the Flyers come to the Garden?

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I guess Mr Brooks does not like it when things work both ways?

It get's even worse today with Jay Greenberg having the nerve here to list Chris Simon as immature and a psycho winger then calls Rick DiPietro cocky here with an untethered ego who dismisses good questions from reporters like they were pucks shot from
point-blank range.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Isles don't have anyone who cares about the club in the print media who will respond to this non-sense so I guess I will.

Can you imagine how quick Mr Brooks and Mr Dellapina would go after Greg Logan if he wrote that about Ranger players? We already saw them go after Howard Berger from Fan590 earlier this year.

A good hockey question from the New York Post? Sounds like a contradiction in terms from the beginning.

New York Hockey coverage at the Post and in general has never been at a lower point between the sports editors providing limited space combined with Larry Brooks and Jay Greenberg's subjective double-standards which has only served to hurt the exposure for hockey in the New York market. Sad how far Mr Greenberg has fallen since his days in St Louis and Philadelphia.

Mr Brooks made a career of covering the Isles with the glass half empty going back to being the beat writer in 1980 who would give them a fair share of accolades but never what they deserved for their accomplishments. He did lobby to get players in the Hall of Fame but for every positive thing there have been about five other things that were brutal.

The ink did not even dry for the Al Arbour night feature and Mr Brooks was already making a second feature on Charles Wang about Neil Smith the same day, even though at that time there was no updated report about his status just to write something negative about Mr Wang.

Even worse Mr Brooks got caught with a major mistake reporting Mike Bossy returned for the 25th anniversary in 2006 for money and had to issue a public retraction where he blamed everyone but himself.

As for the Islanders relationship with the Post why should Rick DiPietro or any New York Islander representative give any NY Post writer the time of day given how the Post covers this team much less someone like Jay Greenberg who never writes a favorable word about the Isles and only goes near the Coliseum for the Ranger angle or covers a game on very rare occasions?

The Post provides blanket Devils coverage of the games home and away and you expect Rick DiPietro to help you fill your quote book when you appear twice a year?

Maybe Rick DiPietro has no respect for how the post is covering our team and cannot even put a blog for the team in the paper but DiPietro is generally praised top to bottom from the media folks who speak to him and likely could care less what any newspaper writes as he always seems to make himself available regardless as does the organization as a whole.

Is it fair to speculate Dan Martin told Mr Greenberg this about DiPietro or he needed to put an Islander in there to replace Jason Blake who used to also get ripped in these Post player features? Never does a player or coach from our team make the list for doing something good despite how much Ted Nolan seems to go out of his way for everyone. Peter Laviolette also seemed willing to give his time to anyone and Steve Stirling always was classy and even went into NYC to appear on television after midnight when he was hired.

I'm still wondering why for the first game against Washington Dan Martin uses one of his limited paragrahps on game coverage to make issue of a few empty seats which even Chris Botta had some words for to make some point a game was not sold out which was.

I wonder if Mr Greenberg felt this way about Simon when he was a Ranger and getting suspended for a stick swing at Ruslan Fedotenko of the Lightning or jumping Dave Scatchard in a shoulder harness? He sure seemed mature with the kids in Winnipeg but why even consider that?