Pittsburgh 4, New York 3

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/08/2008 06:47:00 AM | |
Islanders website: Has the recap of the Islanders 4-3 loss at Pittsburgh on Thursday with Ted Nolan on the quick whistle that wiped out the tying goal and Mike Comrie's comments on how his club has to do more.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
We all know the ugly numbers, six games with no points. Big picture stinks and it was a terrible loss in what was close to a must game and of course it looked like the puck was loose and should have been a game tying goal.

I think it's also fair to write if Ty Conklin played well Comrie may not score either goal and it's a 4-1 loss. How many great saves did the Islanders really force him to make tonight?

I'm not sure where to go with a game review here, Ted Nolan had his kids on the ice in the third period on the power play and in the last two minutes and that's what he has to keep doing.

I guess I should start by being critical of Ted Nolan for moving Blake Comeau off left wing. When Bill Guerin praises him as being the best player for this team recently you don't change his position so Andy Hilbert can go play the first line left wing spot, despite him finding Comrie for a goal off Conklin's mistake.

I can see the coaches reasoning putting him with the Bridgeport callups because they know one another but if he's doing well on left wing and the first line needs a left wing, the best fit was Comeau, not Hilbert who simply is not going to score consistently enough to play on a third line much less a first line.

Comeau did his scoring off left wing the last time the Isles visited Pittsburgh for those who recall.

Now that I got that out of the way, the Islanders did play well overall and had a lot of effort and deserved a better fate. Colliton was very physical early, rocked Sydor and was the most noticeable of the forwards called up. His faceoff loss cost them when Ryan Malone does what he always seems to do against the Isles and that's score a goal. Frans Nielsen was very animated on the bench a few times. I saw a few good plays from Tambellini but I want the player who's dominating the AHL to show that presence and confidence at this level.

Vasicek's line was very good with Fedontenko and Hunter having a lot of jump but as well as they played Vasicek was the weak link on that line tonight. His poor defensive coverage late in the game should have cost them the game earlier when his man beat him for a shot that hit the crossbar. Hunter found Fedntenko for a great goal. Vasicek protects the puck well but in the end he looks like a player who simply is always trying to make the perfect play.

At this point someone has to tell me why Ben Walter does not deserve a chance considering he's been productive for Bridgeport while Vasicek looks like someone who may not score another goal all season. He's not a defense stopper.

Martinek was very sharp tonight on defense and did have that extra jump, Witt was a warrior but shorthanded Hilbert got beat on a play for the Pens second goal.

In Mike Comrie I see a player who wants to win here very badly who struggles with his consistency. His two goals were more off Conklin's poor play but he was very visible beyond his goals. I was very impressed with him fighting with Talbot.

What should I write about Andy Sutton? He took two unnecessary penalties that cost the game and turned the momentum in Pittsburgh's favor. They are the kind where you don't see them on television but you hear Howie Rose tell us there's going to be a penalty to the Islanders.

On this team he should stick up for himself or save a goal but using the stick on a player he's chasing up by the blue line who's not in a dangerous spot is a terrible decision. On this team they cannot afford these mistakes.

What can I say about the game winning goal? DiPietro made one great save just before the Pens scored their first goal but for the most part he did not steal much for his team and the change of direction went in.

Park moved to right wing I think for Bergenheim to play the left side as he should, these players must be put in the positions they have been used at Bridgeport.

Overall it's a very bad loss, in terms of how they worked and competed it was encouraging.

On to Minnesota where we see Mark Parrish, Sean Hill.