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As many of you know from visting the message board Mr Prospects updates the daily results of the Islander prospects on a game by game basis and does a fantastic job for all of us doing something I simply do not have the time to do or nearly as well.

I wanted to single out Mr Prospects efforts for helping this blog out and bring you his 2/1 update in a new blog on the main page.

Thanks as always for the great effort you put in to visit and update the message board and how much I appreciate it.

2/1 Update:

QMJHL-Shawinigan 4, Drummondville 1-Simon Lacroix, 1 assist,-1.
Rimouski 3,Gatineau 1-Maxime Gratchev,no points, even.

OHL-Guelph 3,Sarnia 0-Mark Katic, -1.

College-Minnesota State 5,Denver 1-Rhett Rakhshani,1 goal(9),even.
Colorado College 5,Clarkson 2-Tyrell Mason and Shea Guthrie, no points.
Cornell 2, Colgate 1 (OT)-Brian day,no points.
Brown 4, Harvard 2-Doug Rogers, no points.
Bowling Green 5, Ohio State 2-Shane Sims, no points.

USHL-Soiux City 3,Waterloo 1-Blake Kessel,1 assist,-1.
Omaha 2,Lincoln 1-Jason Gregoire, 1 goal(21),-1.

Latest poll is up, I hope all bases were covered and in this one you can pick several responses.

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