Zipay vs Logan: Passion vs Paycheck II

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Earlier this year I did a blog and titled it Logan vs Zipay, Paycheck vs Passion
here and today I feel the need to do a second one being that Mr Zipay's page is among the most post popular pages at Newsday.

Steve Zipay yesterday thanked his readers for how popular his blog has become at Newsday here with the latest news, updates, commentary and other observations from the Garden, the morning skates and on the road and tell his readers to sample's other Ranger centric blogs, to the left of the page.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It should be noted that the Islander blog roll on the our teams page is completely empty which begs the question why can't Mr Logan or someone put some time in linking to Islander pages if he's doing what he claims is all he can for our fans to increase coverage? Clearly the beat writer has some control here because Mr Zipay told the fans earlier this year he intended to build up the Ranger page.

All due respect to Mr Botta's opinion of Greg Logan's efforts but I think there is no excuse for the Islander page not having Islander blogs or websites listed. If the Islanders disagree with me here, so be it, but why not create an Islander blogroll on the newsday page unless the plan is to keep folks from visiting or Mr Logan just does not care to be bothered.

Am I asking for something that unreasonable given I link things to this blog all the time and it takes only a few minutes? I don't think so.

Mr Logan told us last season increased page hits and views last year as a reason for the club being provided more print space in the paper, especially when the club traded for Ryan Smyth. So how come he's not doing more to increase page hits and views by adding Islander related sites to an empty Islander page and game day blogs with reports on the morning skates as Mr Zipay does?

Put Mr Botta's blog there or Cory Witt or anyone. I could care less who they add but there is no excuse one page is full of updates blogs with links to hockey sites helping to create page views while the so-called home paper to the Islanders is not doing the same thing.

Makes me go back to Part One, Paycheck vs Passion.

Let's see the Islander page at Newsday set records for hits and views next month, let's get two blogs a day and a full blog roll for the fans.