Florida 1, New York 0

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NHL.com: John Kreiser had an excellent feature on the Core of the Four Celebration today.

Islanders website: Covered the events outside the Coliseum on the walk of fame with some excellent pictures.

Newsday: Greg Logan blogged on the Core of the Four Weekend and his past recollections of the Islanders during their championship era talked of who he would pick for the Islanders Hall of Fame as the club announced they would have weekends like this once a year in the future.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Wonderful ceremony that was not overdone and loved seeing the 1980 retro jersey's with the Olympic patch.

Islanders website: Has the recap of today's 1-0 loss to the Florida Panthers.

Newsday/AP: Has the early recap of the Islanders loss to Florida.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It takes something very wrong with a team to take fifty shots twice in one week, set an all-time record for shots in a period and go 0-2, scoring only two goals in both games. I have never seen anything like that in this team history and maybe in any teams history.

They worked as hard as they could in the second period, they could not finish or create a chance where Anderson was out of position.

Poor showing put on by the present day Islanders today against a club that was waiting to get beat that looked terrible. Islanders came out in the first and played with absolutely no desperation and it was a terrible sign with Booth scoring to give Florida their goal.

Isles played a good second period and got their best chances which was a post by Comrie and the save on Fedntenko. Comeau's line had some chances and one very good shift and Martinek did a good job stepping up again to try and create offense but the Isles offense is too predictable.

Two or three pucks could have bounced to players for rebound goals today and everyone would be happy with the win but fact is this team simply does not have the offense to stay competitive beyond a few games. In terms of individual play Park, Bergenheim, Hilbert, Comeau, Colliton, Fedntenko, all skated well and created chances with their skating, you would think the five goals against Atlanta would give them some confidence to finish or set up a goal but they could not make that happen.

All due respect to Craig Anderson but out of his fifty three saves he had to make two or three good saves, one on Fedotenko. Most of the chances were low percentage chances from poor angles with no rebounds. Florida's defense blocked another twenty five shots.

Now they lose Gervais to a concussion/leg injury and Witt looked like he gave all he could to stay out for the last two periods and played hurt.

Dubie played very well and the defense kept Florida contained most of the day, hardly a small sidebar but seemingly more about how much the Panthers are struggling, that written they had the better quality chances to score, Isles could not even make them take some penalties in the third.

During the game the building was dead beyond killing a third period penalty where a forward held the puck in the Panthers end for an extended amount of time.

Worst possible result with both the Flyers and Rangers gaining points.

Hate to write it but unless this club has another six game winning streak in it and discovers an ability not to lose in regulation they are not going to return to the playoffs.

Sound Tigers.com: Reports Bridgeport defeated the Lowell Devils 3-1 Sunday on the road with Tim Jackman scoring two goals. Mike Morrison started and played well in the win.