Hockey Night on LI/Blog Box Update

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/01/2008 05:38:00 PM | |
Just finished up Hockey Night on LI here with Alex and Steve who do an excellent job with the show and was a lot of fun. My thanks to them for inviting me on the program once again where we wrapped up the Flyers game, talked about the trade deadline, core of the Four among several things.

Hockey Night on LI is featured on New York Fan Central on the sidebar but for those interested in listening to the show today.

Recently I did a blog and shared some things about the blog box and a dilemma I had with regard to coverage and where I draw the line with what I wish to post here from the other twelve bloggers. After some hard work behind the scenes I feel I have finally found a solution.

I created my own Islanders Blog Box for everyone to read anything one of us post on our blogs. The new feature on this blog links the feeders to all thirteen blogs and shows the lastest entries.

Feel free to share this feature and enjoy the latest from all the blog box members which will now be a permanent fixture on the sidebar at New York Islander Fan Central.