Islander News Articles 3/23

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Newsday: Greg Logan reports Ted Nolan has not been offered an extension of his three year contract extension nor has he spoken with the club about it but intends to return for the final year of his agreement. Garth Snow away scouting said he had no comment. Team spokesman Chris Botta said the organization would have no comment on contract issues involving management.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Why is Greg Logan doing all he can to stir something up here when many teams do not comment on management contracts?

Greg Logan must really hate this beat or need to stir things up to go all out to make this an issue again putting DiPietro in the center of things with that one game and going to Nolan for more comments about it today? He did not even do a game preview or tell folks in the paper there is a game tonight, nothing on Okposo either or if Joey MacDonald could play?

He does use Garth Snow's one quote on WFAN about the decision to start Dubie raising his eyebrows to again infer problems between the coach/gm and did not even report everything Garth Snow or Ted Nolan said that day. Mr Logan even goes back to Janaury to use Snow's comments on the club to create a far bigger deal than it is right now.

Ted Nolan also said on WFAN that day the gm leaves him alone while the gm said the coach makes the lineup which Mr Logan did not report here.

Just because the gm feels the teams records should be better does not mean he is putting that on the coach but for Mr Logan it's implied without a word from the gm.

On top of that Mr Logan's writing about the injuries exacerbating tensions and turmoil within as the team spiraled downward in the standings without a single quote from anyone. If you are going to throw this out there you have an obligation to find out who and where this is coming from unless the purpose of it is to stir the pot.

Mr Logan should wake up to the fact speculation becomes rampant in the Canadian hockey media because they quote his Newsday articles and write their speculation around his speculating. This is just irresponsible journalism from Mr Logan.

Also again it seems this writer has problems with Rick DiPietro who gave all he had and played well since the all-star break beyond numbers which in this case does not tell the story at all about how the goals were scored. Mr Logan cannot even figure out he started virtually the same amount of games a year ago and had not reported he had faced a hundred a forty less shots.

Newsday would not even send Greg Logan to Atlanta to cover his all-star appearance so the Islanders sent Chris Botta. Mr Logan's pre-written feature appeared all star Sunday but he did not do one blog that weekend on the Islanders franchise goaltender at the all-star game.

This seems very unfair on Greg Logan's part. It should also be noted Peter Laviolette's contract was extended the year he was fired and it made no difference in the end which did not make this article.

NY Post: Larry Brooks as usual cannot go a Sunday without a shot at the Islanders making his point Neil Smith was the general manager when the Islanders drafted Kyle Okposo.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
No Islander quotes or writer for the Devils game, no preview for the Flyer game tonight and now this junk from Mr Brooks who cannot help but take his Sunday kick at the Islanders.

We get you are upset at Charles Wang for not paying Neil Smith his contract from your November article here after being stuck with attending Al Arbour night but also give Tony Feltrin and his staff credit for the Okposo pick as Neil Smith here did.

Kelowna Capital News : Warren Henderson has a full feature on former Kelowna Rocket, Blake Comeau and how the experience has been for him since coming up to the Islanders and what he feels he has to do to make the decision easier for management this summer so he keeps his spot from day one next year.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Outside of getting the age of the Coliseum incorrect Mr Henderson does an excellent job here letting us know a lot about Comeau that has not been reported in the local paper.

Pittsburgh-Post Gazette: Shelly Anderson has Sidney Crosby's comments that he could return against the Islanders.

Barrie Examiner: Ian Shantz reports Islander Prospect Tomas Marcinko assisted on the game winning goal in overtime as Barrie took a two-nothing series lead on Brampton.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio reports in his blog Kip Brennan is likely facing another suspension and recently signed Islander prospect Jesse Joensuu skated with the AHL team.