Islander News Articles 3/6:

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Newsday: Mark Herrmann's article plays the guessing game as to who will get the start for the Islanders tomorrow with Ted Nolan, Rick DiPietro and Wade Dubielewicz comments.

Daily News: Michael Obernauer is the latest to cover the Islander beat at the News and in this case one article fits both teams. Mostly the goaltending situation is covered with comments from Ted Nolan and Rick DiPietro. The Rangers requested the league check Dubielewicz's equipment and determined it to be legal.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Either the editor made the call or could Peter Botte have needed a rest from all that limited infrequent coverage provided to the team all season? With the Isles going on the road soon the critical games will be AP coverage only if things hold as they have all season.

Seems like the limited media is going all out here to create a goaltending controversy with even Garth Snow having to say it's the coaches decision as to who starts. Dubie played well in his last two games and when he is hot has proven he can carry a team and it's been a very tough week for DiPietro who had not had any kind of rest with the schedule and the all-star weekend. Ted Nolan needs another hot streak so why not ride the hot goalie for momentum? Dubie is a goaltender who thrives on work and lots of shots against.

If it does not work Islanders come back with DiPietro on Saturday which also can bring a positive monentum shift.

As for the Rangers seems bush league to check on Dubielewicz equipment, I guess he's in Ranger management's head to do that which is a good thing for the Isles.

Globe and Mail: Tim Wharnsby does an article on the Leafs buying out most of their high priced players and what it could cost against the cap using Alexei Yashin as a comparative.

Canadian Press: Former Islander Jason Blake had a lot to say about how the Islanders came back last year and made the playoffs as it applies to the Leafs situation.

Philadelphia Inquirer: Tim Panaccio reports Flyers forward Daniel Briere could return from a shoulder strain Saturday against the Islanders.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
So far Hatcher, Lupul and now Briere have all been in reports to return Saturday. John Rolfe on Tuesday had an article that basically said he's tired of seeing the Islanders roll out the alumni and that doing so only makes the recent past more depressing but also writes those players cannot be honored enough as someone who wrote he loved that team like no other in any sport before or since.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Mr Wang is making up for what other owners failed to do and I think it's the right thing. Al Arbour coaching a game vs the Core of the Four Weekend are two different things. Bottom line, no matter what he does someone is going to be critical. Network: Mike Francesa and Chris Russo will be doing their show today at the Nassau Coliseum from 1pm-6:30pm.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Mr Francesa was at the Core of the Four Sunday, no doubt there will be some Islander centric guests on the program. A little surprised the Isles did not announce it on the website. Hopefully Mr Russo can finally pronounce Rick DiPietro's name properly if nothing else.

Updated 11am:
Islanders website: Did an update announcing WFAN at the Coliseum with a list of scheduled guests for today's broadcast:

2:05pm Garth Snow
3:05 Charles Wang
4:05 Bill Guerin
4:25 Rick DiPietro
5:05 Ted Nolan

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Been a very long time since Charles Wang appeared on WFAN which should be a very interesting interview. I will post a link tomorrow if avaialble. Rosen has a full feature article on Islanders captain Bill Guerin.