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Daily News: John Dellapina reports on the possibility of a hockey game closing Yankee Stadium and seems to feel the league and NBC will cut the Islanders out of it. Chris Botta's comments are included as to how many times the Islanders have been involved in negotiations.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Mr Dellapina sure is working overtime to get his favorite team some badly needed publicity and cut out any chance of New York-New York and both local teams sharing the stage for this event. Last I checked New York Islanders also means New York.

You can bet Dick Ebersol and Sam Flood want to keep the Isles out for the same reasons they keep them off NBC for games and Mr Ebersol's past involvement with Madision Square Garden to where Knick games also are appearing on NBC. What they have not figured out is no game will generate big ratings anywhere involving any team. Rangers and Islanders combined have problems posting legitimate sellouts so why would the corproations and their fans go out in the cold on January 1st?

Personally the Islanders have been lobbing for this harder and longer and should be the team playing in Yankee or Shea Stadium.

A Montreal-Islander match up involving the three sports dynasties would be a fantastic sell for hockey in New York City.

Times like this the Islanders should regret selling the Long Island angle to every media statement coming from the team.

Newsday: Ranger beatwriter Steve Zipay also has basically the same article where the league has no comment and no set plans.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It's Chris Botta once again vs the Ranger fan/beat reporters because the Islanders do not have anyone in the media who will lobby for them here and if there is nothing to stir things it will be made up for public consumption as an implied problem between the general manager and coach. Mr Botta basically had to take on the Ranger media alone regarding Rick DiPietro sitting out Thursay to where he had to do a blog update a few days ago here.

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Rangers 7, Islanders 0

Newsday: Greg Logan finally blogs and reports the Islanders have nominated Brendan Witt for the Masterson Award with his comments about how he has been playing hurt after running into Bill Guerin and the state of his teams chances for the playoffs.