Larry Brooks hurts hockey in New York

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NY Post: Larry Brooks today goes all out to finally get comments from Henrik Lundqvist on an article written in SI by Michael Farber back on 1/14 about all three local goaltenders here to stir the pot and once again only go negative on Martin Brodeur, the best hockey player of his generation in this market to manufacture some fodder for tonight's game.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Larry Brooks as usual does not get it or that desperate to stir the pot to get reaction. For a man who constantly sells us his Rangers are good for the league angle despite his team being virtually invisible he should understand Martin Brodeur is good for this hockey market and all three teams. Instead Mr Brooks shows up a few times when he can to take some kicks at one of the best goaltenders of all time if not the best outright and it's kind of sad.

Even worse Mr Brooks in what seems deliberate harps on Lundqvist record against Martin Brodeur but does not note the Devils playoff sweep in 2006 and does all he can to play up a rivalry with the Ranger goaltenders, despite Brodeur's regular season dominace over Mike Richter.

Despite any short-term in season success Rick DiPietro and Henrik Lundqvist are not in the same league as Martin Brodeur at this point in their careers.

Meanwhile back in January 2007 Larry Brooks is telling the public we are fortunate to have Martin Brodeur in our midst here.

We are fortunate to have Martin Brodeur here, of course he's the most under appreciated athlete of this generation in New York because that's exactly how writers like Larry Brooks want it.

And that hurts hockey in New York which is another reason why it's burried under mountains of baseball/steroid/A-Rod and college basketball coverage today along with more Knicks gossip.

Sports Illustrated: Darren Elliot does an SI feature a week ago where he does nothing but praise this incredible player who just keeps winning.

Advice for former Devils employee Larry Brooks to follow.