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New York Islander Fan Central | 3/17/2008 07:13:00 PM |
Mr Prospects does an amazing job on the message board here updating the game by game reports on the Islansder prospects for everyone. Here are his latest updates.
March 14
QMJHL-Quebec 2,Rimouski 1-Maxime Gratchev,1 assist,+ 1.
OHL-Brampton 5, Barrie 0-Tomas Marcinko, even.

College Play-offs
ECAC-Clarkson 1,Colgate 0-Shea Guthrie,Tyrell Mason,Clarkson,Brian day,Colgate, no points, each.

Harvard 11,Quinnipiac 0-Doug Rogers,1 goal(12),2 assists.

WCHA-Denver 6,Minnesota-Duluth 3-Rhett Rakhshani,no points, + 1.
St. Cloud 3,Wisconsin 0-Jase Weslosky,24 saves.

USHL-Waterloo 5, Omaha 2-Blake Kessel,1 goal(16),1 assist, even.
Lincoln 4, Des Moines 2-Jason Gregoire, 2 goals(30,31), + 1.
March 15

OHL-Mississauga 4, Barrie 1-Tomas Marcinko,no points,-1.
College Play-offs

ECAC-Colgate 4,Clarkson 3-Brian Day,Colgate,3 assists,Clarkson, Tyrell Mason, 1 assist,Shea guthrie,no points.

WCHA-Denver 1, Minnesota-Duluth 0-Rhett Rakhshani, no points, even.
St. Cloud 4,Wisconsin 3 (OT)-Jase Weslosky,43 saves, 46 shots.

USHL-Cedar Rapids 4,Lincoln 2-Jason Gregoire,1 goal(32), even.
Waterloo 4, Soiux City 1-Blake Kessel, 1 goal(17), 1 assist, even.
March 16

QMJHL-Baie-Comeau 4,Rimouski 3-Maxime Gratchev, no points, -2.

ECAC Play-offs:

Colgate 3,Clarkson 2(2 OT)Brian Day Colgate, no points,Tyrell Mason, Clarkson, 1 assist,Shea Guthrie, no points.

Harvard 3,Quinnipiac 1-Doug Rogers, 1 goal(13), 1 assist.

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