Philadelphia 4, New York 1

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Islanders website: Has the recap of tonight's 4-1 loss to the Philadelphia Flyers.

Newsday: This is the link that should eventually contain Newsday's game coverage after being an early AP summary.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I don't see any miracles here folks, it's basically over for this team now in my estimation and frankly it should be. Philadelphia did not even have to play that well and made the most of the Isles mistakes.

Painfully obvious Bergenheim and the kid line played with the most desperation and effectiveness which says something terrible about the veteran core of this team.

Anyone else wonder how come after Comeau worked to get the Isles a goal from Meyer and then drew a powerplay Ted Nolan simply did not leave them out and give them the two minutes?

Nope. Put Guerin, Comrie, Satan, Hunter out and watch them dump the puck so other teams can read it and clear as they take some low percentage shots and overpass until they turn it over. For the second half of that powerplay put Richard Park on the point.

To the teams overall credit they came out and played a strong first period and draw some powerplays with Hunter's line having one great shift. Having written that how many good chances did they actually produce from all the work? A point shot that hit Biron and dropped down where he did not see it and Bergenheim's rush off Park's pass before Satan got his chance in the third period?

Aside from that a lot of point shots or low percentage chances or Philadelphia's defense blocked the shots because they were easy to read.

DiPietro did not play poorly in terms of stopping shots but his penalty and turnover directly led to two goals, in this kind of game that's fatal. Combine that with some over aggressive penalties by Bergenheim one Berard had to take and that's the game with Philadelphia tipping two past DiPietro.

Philadelphia was crashing the crease a lot in this game. Hunter got thrown away from the Flyer goal and on another powerplay had a puck bounce over his stick where he was moving so slow.

It is what it is. Ted Nolan moved Satan to Guerin's line and outside of a few outside shots and the one Satan missed was very quiet in a game they had to produce.

Richard Park and Andy Hilbert for all their hard work are not offensive players, Bergenheim got his chances anyway. To call that a second line is a joke in terms of production because the career records of Park and Hilbert are not that of top six forwards.

Nice to see Bill Guerin stand up for his teammates, aside from that a few peripheral chances that almost beat Biron who did not have to play very well.

Defense did a solid job for the most part, Witt had one kick off him shorthanded that led the the second goal but that was on DiPietro. Even strength Flyers did not get much more than the Isles.

What else can I write folks? This team simply cannot score enough goals and looks basically lost on it's powerplay. If it's shorthanded play allows four goals they have no chance.

The teams in front of them, the games in hand they have and the head to head games make it virtually impossible and that's without talking about the scoring and powerplay problems. Reports Steve Regier scored with thirty eight second left to earn Bridgeport a shootout loss point to Portland on Saturday 5-4.

Kyle Okposo scored his eight goal.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio did not travel to Portland but will likely have an article on the big comeback to gain a point for Bridgeport.

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