Pittsburgh 3, New York 1

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/27/2008 10:11:00 PM | |
Islanders website: Has the recap of tonight's 3-1 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
What can I write? Islanders played Pittsburgh even most of the game but beat themselves with another shorthanded goal because Satan fell down on the point (once again) and Georges Laraque whiffed on a puck which threw off Dubielewicz. Did not look like a mismatch at all but the Islanders did not generate the high quality chances they did Monday against Fleury who did not have to be very good and was clearly beaten by Guerin when he hit the post late in the first period.

The officials handed Pittsburgh their first goal on that interference penalty by Laraque and made a lot of weak calls tonight. I have no idea what Bergenheim did to get called other than he hit a Penguin too well.

Pittsburgh was getting frustrated in this one when they could not score and could not
break through with the power play as the Isles defended the passing lanes and blocked shots so they decided to play more physical. I do not think it worked but the Islanders power play gave up a goal to Ruutu so someone will write it made a difference for Pittsburgh.

Isles did a nice job standing up for one another and Tim Jackman landed some good shots on Sydor. Satan got his first fighting major as an Islander but has had a few shoving matches with the Pens.

Islanders powerplay took themselves out of the game with several ineffective chances where they generated virtually nothing. Aside from that the team played well and easily could have won the game. Bergenheim generated some great chances, Comeau was visible and worked to create chances and Okposo again looks like a player with good instincts, a nice turnaround for a shot and just a solid overall game.

Did Jeff Tambellini even dress? He had one angle shot and looked like he had no interest in winning the puck when it went near him, you can blame his line mates for only so long. Colliton, Regier all had a few good shifts.

Right about now I would have no problem with Tambellini being a healthy scratch if Nielsen returns Saturday. No excuse for him not to be more visible if these other players are working to generate their own chance and I feel like were back watching him in 2006.

Vasicek made a good play at the net for his goal which he put under the arm of Fleury. Guerin had the puck in the first minute and just could not let go from a prime shooting position.

Martinek was outstanding with several big plays including that great knockdown on Malkin. The defense did a good overall job and protected Dubielewicz well and he made enough quality saves to give them a chance to win.

Too bad they could not create enough quality chances because that was a Pittsburgh team that did not look very good that the Isles easily could have beaten.

This Msg+ with Stan Fischler and Al Trautwig selling Ranger hockey was horrible tonight and not because the feed from Pittsburgh crashed between periods. I hate when Mr Fischler tells about what's happening with the Islanders even though he is never around the team anymore and I don't care what's happening inside Msg or anywhere during an Islander game.

The Islanders website now claims it's Mike Comrie's rib.

For those tracking the lottery Atlanta won.