A quick update and Q & A

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/20/2008 05:20:00 PM |
I added a more Islander centric search entire today to the blog for those interested to the sidebar and included the interviews with Ted Nolan and Wade Dubielewicz Thursday.
As usual a very good job by the voters on the current poll which runs for another day.

As for questions and answers which I have been very lax in responding:

Yes, this blog will continue all summer and will be very active as it has been since last July. Between Bridgeport, the AHL prospects, the World Champpionships, draft previews, prospect deadlines to resign by early June and credible free agent rumors to go with articles and my own content this is a year round product that almost always has something of interest. At times I feel like there is more going on in the summer.

I had enough material to get a mailing list and message board through a lockout with plenty to spare.
No, I will not be covering the NHL playoffs aside from maybe some hotbutton topics like suspensions or something Islander-related in some manner. It all depends on what I wish to write about with an eye on the hockey media also. If Bridgeport does qualify I will start posting their game highlights here and whatever else I can find to supplement the lack of Islander interviews. Utah section has it's updates here but I will not be blogging on the Grizzlies playoffs.
Regarding continuing as a member of the blog bog which was a question I just received I have no idea what the Islanders are planning for next year with this program and have no idea if they are even going to continue it but I can tell you this...

I'm leaning toward asking the Islanders to remove my link but have not made up my mind just yet. If they want to have a lot more blogs on the page and want to keep this one that's ok too, but my opinion for what it's worth is everyone should get a chance and if they are limiting their blog box members to a select few a new group of folks should get their opportunity and they should also find a new message board. I have had my opportunity.

To me, this is about the fans doing something for the Islanders, not the other way around. The Islanders have been great to add this blog and very generous with their efforts and first class. I have nothing but positives from the experience and would like to see even more folks involved to make up for what the media is not giving our team in the newspapers.

I do not think the Islanders should limit themselves because there are tons of great blogs, fan sites and message boards for the club to add if they wish to continue the program and everyone should feel as welcome as the Islanders have made me feel despite not sitting in the blog box or doing interviews. The folks I have contacted who do sit in the blog box all do an excellent job and have been a pleasure to talk hockey with.

I offered my blog to the Islanders because I thought it would help. I'm very proud of the work here and the incredible response it has received. I will continue to do my blog regardless and have built up a very strong following of supporters.