Simon vs Pronger double-standard

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/13/2008 05:24:00 PM | | | | | Reports Chris Pronger, a repeat offender who was suspended twice within the last year will not face any disciplinary action from the National Hockey League for stomping on Vancouver Canucks centre Ryan Kesler on Wednesday night.

For those who did not see the play:

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It's decisions like this that make me wonder what's going on in the league office and if it's about the popularity of a player that determines discipline because this is just a disgrace and a complete double-standard that even makes me wonder if Chris Simon was treated fairly?

At the time Chris Simon received his suspension for thirty games I thought it was not enough and felt he should be suspended for the season and the Islanders should not enable this conduct by allowing him to play or they are a part of the problem.

Now a player who was suspended twice in last year's playoffs and recently returned in January commits an act just as bad if not worse than Chris Simon and not only does he not draw a suspension along the same lines as Simon but is not disciplined at all for a stomp at a man's leg?

I don't blame Chris Simon, Garth Snow, Ted Nolan if they have some reaction here because if the idea is to set a standard for conduct it has to apply to everyone equally in situations like this or why have any rules?

Meanwhile Islander fans will cheer Pronger and boo Simon if he returns in another teams uniform next season.

This is just a disgraceful decision by the league but the norm with Colin Campbell and why there have been so many problems with him in this job for years now. He does not have it easy making decisions but after looking at both video's how does one play merit no action and the other thirty games, especially after Pronger was suspended twice in last year's playoffs?

Updated Friday pm:
Point Blank: Mr Botta has more on this in his blog with the league perhaps re-opening this after new footage shows it looked intentional which even Bob McKenzie now has reconsidered his early article here.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
The updated video with the better angle has replaced the first video for those who viewed this here already.

The first video even had the announcers comments that it looked deliberate. Now the league may reopen this and suspend Pronger after announcing no disciplinary action?

That sound is Chris Pronger, Brian Burke and his agent contacting the NHLPA and more well deserved criticism for the league.