So what's next at NYI Fan Central?

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/31/2008 03:32:00 PM |
As I wrote a short time ago just because the Islanders season is over does not mean this blog stops working.

I expect Newsday will wrap Islander coverage a day or two after the season ends with a few blogs sprinkled in. My guess is we see virtually nothing in the Post, Times or News the final days.

* First off I will do as much as I can on the Sound Tigers in their chase for a playoff spot and if they qualify will be covered through the playoffs. Bridgeport game interviews and highlights will replace ITV game features on the sidebar, the articles will continue as always from home and away.

* A full blog for each player will be written with a final grade including a full review of the general manager and coach.

* I will release my prospect rankings from top to bottom of the organization.

* Full World Championship coverage will also be on this blog.

* I will also step up prospect coverage as the focus shifts to who the Islanders have to offer a contract to by June 1st.

* Trade rumors, signings, draft previews, nhl lottery will all be covered here in full.

* Some hot button NHL topics I wish to bring up that may concern the playoffs and of course I will be on top of the media covering our team. I only hope it's fair and well done.

* The draft will bring huge coverage here along with whatever happens on July 1st.

* Of course I will keep adding new features to this blog to increase the volume of quality information.

The six months before this club goes back to Moncton are going to go by very quickly on this blog.

My thanks as always to everyone for their kind words and support.