Garth Snow's things to do list

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/23/2008 05:50:00 AM | |
Now that Garth Snow has talked about his plan it seems a good time to go over his things to do list.

The scouting staff and the general manager have a lot of work to do going into this draft but while that is on going here is my little to do list for the gm.

1. Make some final decisions/offers on Satan, Dubielewicz, Fedotenko, Davison, Berard & Vasicek.
2. If Marcinko is signed, finish something with Robin Figren.
3. Time to get Bergenheim's name on a long-term deal along the lines of Hunter.
4. Time for Jeff Tambellini to also get his three year deal also or be taken to arbitration.
5. Make the same offer to Gervais that Campoli received.
6. Qualify everyone restricted, including Aaron Johnson.
7. Sit down with Ted Nolan and ask does he want changes on his coaching staff.
8. Sit down with Howard Saffin and Jack Capuano about the direction in Bridgeport.
9. No harm asking your college prospects if they are interested in leaving school early and signing them now.
10. More scouting combines, prospect workouts and interviews.