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Newsday: Greg Logan has a full interview with Garth Snow where he says he does not see any reason why the coach will not be returning next season and described their relationship as good/great. The gm blamed the Islanders failure to make the playoffs on a handful of players who didn't play to their capabilities and the man-games lost to injuries.

The gm also said the team will be younger next season and developing players at the NHL level, he also said he had healthy conversations that any manager has with their coaches in describing Ted Nolan that all organizations do with the gm talking about Jeff Tambellini as a player Mr Logan felt Ted Nolan and Garth Snow disagree about.

The gm also touches briefly on the draft and that nothing is etched in stone in terms of the unrestricted free agent veterans not returning for the young players to play now in the NHL.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Tnis all seems like Mr Logan's pet project back to March 23rd when he decided to create an issue here.

You read through this stuff and it all comes from the beatwriter's personal speculation. Ted Nolan did not bring up his contract to Greg Logan earlier when this first began on March 23rd. Mr Logan went to the coach and asked him about his contract, he made no demands for an extension.

His exact quotes words were there has been no discussion and nothing has been offered and that he intended to be back but did not know what the plans are.

Mr Logan was the one who went to Mr Wang about it for his comments based upon that and then did his speculating for the owner.

Also if Ted Nolan and Garth Snow did disagree on prospects vs veterans that's fine but they lost so many man game to injuries was there ever a situtation where a prospect did play when a veteran was healthy? I cannot think of any veterans benched by the coach. Did the general manager want a veteran benched because he had many to choose from?

With all the callups here late that does not seem likely as prospects were shuttled in just to fill out a roster.

All this seems to me like Greg Logan stirring something up. Ted Nolan did not go to Newsday to talk about his contract, he did not go to Newsday to talk about his bosses or if he would be back.

If Ted Nolan came out and talked of his job security and felt he needed a contract extension that would make this necessary. That's not what happened here at all.

For that matter the gm has not talked of his contract status, how come Mr Logan did not ask Garth Snow or Charles Wang about this also?

Islander prospects honored: Jason Gregoire of the Lincoln Stars was named B2 Networks Player of the Year & CCM Forward of the Year with coach Jimmy McGroarty's comments. Blake Kessel of the Waterloo Blackhawks was named ProGuard Defenseman of the Year with praise from coach P.K. O'Handley. Kessel is committed to play for New Hampshire next season.

Updated 1pm:
Islanders website: Assistant GM & Director of Amateur Scouting Ryan Jankowski praises both prospects who will be at prospect camp in July.

Updated 1:30pm:
Islanders website: Had an update and pictures of receiving their share of the Hummer challenge which was a check for $ 25,000. Mr Botta updated his blog on it as well.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Isles actually had a ceremony for this and brought in Chris Campoli?

How nice of Msg media to award the team that won half of what it deserved after what seemed like a huge fight to even get that? NHL rules say tie-breakers are wins/head to head, Isles won both. If the Rangers won the head to head or the wins they deserve the full check if the overall points in the competition were tied. Kids in Isles charity did not get a fair deal here, it's that simple.

Ct Post : Michael Fornabaio recaps Bridgeport's overtime win with Trevor Smith's comments about returning after a loss in his family. Jack Capuano praised his players for their hard work as he felt they sent opposing players flying and dove to block shots.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's Sound Tigers weekly previews the upcoming games, has a bunch of league-wide items and reports former Islander-Sound Tiger again cleared waivers to play in the AHL after the Hurricanes season ended.

Citizens Voice
: Has the WBS coverage of their loss to Bridgeport Wednesday.