Islander News Articles 4/14

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Newsday: John Jeansonne makes his point the Islanders and Devils will never be as popular as the Rangers with Chico Resch's comments.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
What was the point of this with such limited space for hockey coverage?

With all the lack of attention on hockey was this really necessary or was Mr Jeansonne annoyed his favorite team lost and just had to take a shot or two at the other teams in the area, the ones who help make the rivalries which generate what limited buzz there is?

I don't know where John Jeansonne was when the Islanders were winning Stanley Cups but they were very popular all over New York. They sure got the full back pages in all the city papers which is something Ranger playoff hockey does not get today at all and should know better than quote announced attendance reports which never tell the true story. Msg for hockey is not Montreal or Toronto, opposing fans have easy access and many seats are empty for games.

Always has been.

What is it with the Ranger fans in the media who always resented the Islanders and Devils success and will not write about them other than to make sure their favorite team is the topic?

Ron Duguay and three Rangers got a Sasson Commercial, Denis Potvin did not. That's the full extent of Madison Avenue's exposure to hockey in the thirty plus years I have been a fan. Madison Avenue is not interested in Canada's game and never will be.

Where was Mr Jeansonne when Msg sounded like home ice for the Devils in the final game in 2006 when they swept or some of the Islander games at Msg the last few years with the media reporting on the strong Islander fan turnout at the Garden for several seasons? Perhaps he would like to listen to Howie Rose on Easter Sunday when the Isles tri-state area fan base was at the Meadowlands on a day's notice in huge numbers despite not winning a playoff series since 1993?

What's next the baseball writers will cover Red-Sox/Yankees and report hockey does not matter in New York and take shots at the sport?

Mr Jeansonne, one look at your own paper is proof hockey is a niche sport in New York, have a good look at the backpage of your own paper and the lack of coverage.

Too bad you did not do an article on how great Martin Brodeur is.
Forgot. That may make some kid a Devils fan and you do not want that.

This is just bush league from Mr Jeansonne, it would be like an Islander fan in the media doing an article like this in 2002 when the Isles were playing Toronto as the Coliseum was rocking while the Garden sat quiet again.

Do some hockey stories on the players, Mr Jeansonne or don't bother at all.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio recaps Bridgeport's final game of the season with comments from Jesse Joensuu, Jack Capuano, & Trevor Smith.

Jeff Tambellini lost out to former Islander, Jason Krog for the AHL scoring title but had thirty eight goals in fewer games played.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I think Mr Fornabaio's words say it best, a very long summer for the entire Islander organization.

No one connected with the organization should be happy with the end result of both the Islanders and Sound Tigers this season.

You look at Bridgport from a distance and wonder why they had so many problems holding leads and getting games to overtime which like the Isles was a big problem for them because you need those extra points. I know they got a lot of good individual contributions but collectively never seemed to mesh but I guess with so many constant changes and the Isles injury problems, that's asking a lot. I'm not sure about Joey MacDonald but he has a one-way contract and looked great in his second game against Philadelphia.

I watch Tambellini in the AHL and he looks like a superstar. In the NHL I would be satisfied just to see him create chances like he gets in Bridgeport because that did not happen here at all, just like it did not happen two years ago. Tim Jackman the last two years looks like a star player in the AHL near a point a game pace, here on a limited role he rarely created a quality chance when he was on the ice.

We all know Jason Krog never turned into an NHL scorer and there are tons of AHL stars who simply cannot play in the NHL.

Should be very interesting to see what Garth Snow, Howard Saffin decide with regard to Jack Capuano. Dan Marshall was out after a year, Jack Capuano is a holdover from Steve Stirling's staff. Is he the answer to developing prospects for the Isles while keeping Bridgeport competitive?

Hartford Courant: David Heuschkel recaps Hartford's win at Harbor Yard Sunday.