Islander News Articles 4/8

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Newsday: Greg Logan has Rick DiPietro's comments about what's different about his injury this time and how the extra rest will help him even more than last year. Miroslav Satan turned down a two year extension at the trade deadline because he wanted to wait until the off season to negotiate.

Mr Logan wrote several veterans and coach Ted Nolan cautioned against relying too heavily on young players next season and expressed hope that general manager Garth Snow will add a veteran goal-scorer. Mike Sillinger felt last year no one overachieved despite several who had career years and that Garth Snow needs to add a goal-scorer or try to add one.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
No blogs and what I consider an article with a lot less information than the CP article released Monday afternoon from the teams primary paper. Kind of sad Greg Logan could not be bothered to do a single blog with more for the fans on a day the players get together for the last time.

Satan was quoted in the CP article, would have been nice to see his actual words on the two year extension.

New York City papers did not bother showing up at all.

USA In their season ending report they had a lot of repeat quotes in Newsday from the players recently (Mike Comrie) but one I did not see in the paper was from Bruno Gervais who seemed to be having post-concussion problems for weeks after his injury and had a lot to say about what he's been going through.

Newsday: Steve Zipay with his usual Ranger-centric theme to hockey at Newsday tells us Islander television ratings were up seventy seven percent but did not bother giving us a actual number.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Mr Zipay has seemed satisfied to take the numbers straight from Msg's PR department all season that have been throwing out ratings. Until an independent source and not the people making up standards to decide the Metro Ice challenge give us the true local hockey ratings they should be taken with a large grain of salt.

Rangers ratings on NBC have been a disaster all season with their final game drawing a 0.7 nationally here with Dick Ebersol and Sam Flood deciding to go with Alexander Ovechkin's Washington Capitals vs Philadelphia at least twice in round one over the Pens who again will face Ottawa or the local series which may not bode well for a winter classic game involving local teams down the road if they decide to retain the rights at all.

Should be noted Comcast has a stake in this with Versus and Flyers chairman Ed Sinder could be flexing his muscle here demanding his club be showcased come playoff time.

Of course the last thing Dick Ebersol or Sam Flood want for ratings are Canadian teams or the Devils.