Islander/Sound Tiger notables

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The ping pong balls start jumping tonight at 8pm with some outlet from Versus, NHL tv, or Tsn covering it. Check your local carrier.

Islanders website: Has a full interview with Rick DiPietro on why he elected to have surgery when he did along with comments on Kyle Okposo and Jack Hillen.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I wonder if what seems from here like a rift between Greg Logan and Rick DiPietro (with Mr Logan hammering him pretty good) for a guy who played hurt and lost a relative can be repaired or is the club using the website to get out the goaltenders message because they do not think the teams beat writer will for the franchise goaltender? Sure seems to me Mr Logan went above and beyond to stir something up against Rick DiPietro and his silence in the teams primary paper has been noticable.

From the article the Isles will be gathering for the last time so we should see something in the paper from Newsday.

Islanders website: Has a feature on franchise's Senior VP of Sales, Marketing and Operations, Chris Dey which will appear on Hockey Business News Magazine.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Most of what Mr Dey discussed with Greg Logan in Newsday recently. I cannot find a website for Hockey Business News Magazine but there is such a publication sold that releases six issues a year.

Too bad they cannot find out the real television ratings, what teams really making, true attendance at games and what is really given or taken in terms of revenue sharing.

Colmubus Dispatch: Tom Reed reports Michael Peca wants to be part of a team building toward a championship before he resigns with Columbus.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Peca's sense of entitlement sure has gotten the better of him now for a long time, with eight goals and what the writer describes as uneven play with his injuries the question at this point should be why would any championship level club need him if he cannot produce.

Point Blank: Chris Botta reports in his blog something fair will be worked out between the Isles and Rangers to settle the Metro Ice challenge with ground rules set for anything done in the future and expects an announcement before Msg does it's playoff preview show tonight. He also thanked the fans for their support which was not about the Isles but about the charity involving the kids.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
NYI Fan Central contacted Phil Mushnik of the Post to see if more on this can be brought to the public for the teams charity. Mr Mushnik is an Islander fans and is often outspoken about Msg injustices.

I will not be watching anything Msg does in terms of playoff preview shows because they do virtually nothing for the Isles all season. The Msg paid spin doctors and their hockey opinion is completely worthless. Anyone who dare speak their minds honestly would sooner or later wind up like Marv Albert, Bob Page or Fran Healy who was basically kicked off the Mets telecasts because he was seen as an Msg supporter to such a degree his opinion was of no use to the public.

Isles should do the challenge with the Devils and simply cut out the Rangers in the future. Reports Jeff Tambellini has been named player of the week again for registering six goals and four assists in four games last week.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Good enough to be leading the league in scoring when he's in the AHL, good enough to win player of the week twice, not good enough to be named to the league's first or second team star players for the season?

Newsday: Steve Zipay reports Msg Network's Billy Jaffe was named best sports analyst at the 51st annual New York Emmy Awards Sunday night.

Quick blog notable:
The NHL schedule, scoreboard and standings features were put in mothballs for the summer and the Sound Tiger live scoreboard moved up. Idea is for the page to load faster for everyone.