Islander/Sound Tiger notables

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Newsday: Anthony Rieber reprints Michael Fornabaio's game article today from the Ct Post with the focus on prospect Jesse Joensuu in a Newsday blog.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Shocking. I have never seen Mr Fornabaio's excellent work picked up by Newsday with the Islanders almost never giving him credit for outstanding coverage for years but today a little known prospect who barely got a word written about him by Greg Logan gets a write-up from Anthony Rieber who I cannot recall covering one game all season?

It begs the question why can't Newsday do more Sound Tiger updates or at least put the link to Mr Fornabaio's page on the teams site for updates all the time?

I asked Mr Fornabaio last week in his blog how come Newsday cannot do anything for the Sound Tigers given the Wolfpack have had coverage in Newsday with a link. He replied and told me what I knew already that Newsday and the Hartford Courant share the same parent company. If anyone has looked at the Courant format it's the same as Newsday.

Islanders website: Report Rick DiPietro will be in the Versus studio's the next four nights to provide commentary with the goaltenders comments.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I knew this earlier but doing an update I threw it in here anyway.

Nothing new for DiPietro who went into Manhattan for SNY to do playoff updates for them two years ago. Too bad SNY did not provide better Islander coverage in return all season. I kind of liked the person who said the Islanders were playing the Devils in the playoffs a few days ago.

USA Hockey: Had a release on the upcoming World Championships today and a partial roster as did team Canada on April 8th here.

The World Championships exhibition games begin on April 26th and the tournament is being held in Halifax and Quebec City from May 2 to 18.

For a little background and some updates check the IIHF website here along with the hockey Canada
here for the latest.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Like the World Junior Championships NYI Fan Central will have full coverage.

Next question is does Kyle Okposo get an invite, will Bergenheim get an invite for Finland or Tambellini/Comeau for Canada. Will any veterans be appearing like Richard Park?

My guess is Okposo has a spot if he wants it just as DiPietro did early in his career. Fair question if players like Thomas Marcinko, Robin Figren and a few others get a call.

During the lockout this tournament was huge and it's never been a small event, one look at the people running the US and Canadian teams make it clear this will be another great one.

Should be fun to see if Kenny Jonsson or Zigmund Palffy return to North American to participate. For that matter will Alexei Yashin be making the trip for the Russian team as a little showcase for his services come July.

Yahoo sports: Issued an Islander team report with a lot of old, repeat comments among their own speculation that could have been from the AP but seemed like a little more. No one's name was credited with the article.