NYI Fan Central Final Review of Brendan Witt

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/09/2008 02:00:00 PM |
No set order for my final reviews for this club. I'm going to jump from player to player and write about who I'm most motivated to do a review about, at least for now.

Which bring me to the final player designated a letter in assistant captain, Brendan Witt.

A lot of good things to say about Brendan Witt's overall season on a team that was not very good. One can make a very fair argument he was this teams most valuable player and someone who deserved to be an all-star. Total warrior in every sense of the word who had an intimidating presence and did a great job blocking shots/keeping players to angles.

His goal against Carolina in the third period was one of the rare times he stepped into an odd-man rush but he delivered to help put a game away.

For the most part Witt played hurt in the second half after a collision in a game against the Flyers and a lot of blocked shots and hits had him worn down, still he returned and hung in with a knee injury at a point when Ted Nolan felt he should not even be playing.

Brendan Witt gave all he had for this team and did it at a point in his career he should not be used in a top two pairing. He played very well with Radek Martinek and Witt's physical play was a nice counter-balance to Martinek's ability to move the puck and stay in position.

Of course, Witt got beat a few times in the speed department and a few bounced in off of him. That's going to happen. Other clubs targeted him to get him off the ice in fights and again he showed good composure and a player who in effect re-invented his game after the lockout.

Looking ahead:
Brendan Witt is a player who is only going to get older and Islander fans this season saw the player who has had a lot of past injuries and missed games. He is not getting younger but this is who teams will be asking the general manager for in trade and he has one year left on his contract.

It's a tough call but with at least five other defenders under contract it could be something considered but Isles also could look to extend him because he brings elements to this club that are lacking that would only get worse without him.

Final Grade:
Brendan Witt was not paid to score or create offense, he was paid to block shots, protect the goaltender, provide a physical edge and be a leader. I felt he did an outstanding job and receives an A in every area.

The return to move him in any trade has to be outstanding or no deal. Would be thrilled to see him stay and resign because he makes your team and organization better in so many ways.