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Boston Globe: Kevin Paul Dupont reports on June 11th in Toronto a nine-member committee, dubbed the Goalie Equipment Working Group will convene for one day and settle what can be done about modifying goaltender equipment, in hopes of leading to more goals and more entertaining hockey.

The GMs include Garth Snow, Jim Rutherford, Doug Risebrough and Brett Hull. The players will be represented by two shooters, Dany Heatley/Mike Cammalleri. Three goaltenders (from a group of volunteers) include Marty Brodeur, J.S. Giguere, Rick DiPietro, Ryan Miller, Martin Gerber, and Olaf Kolzig.

Tsn.ca confirms Globe story.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I have to admit it's kind of funny seeing Garth Snow on such a committee when his equipment made headlines often and had public spats with Martin Brodeur and Glen Sather. I'm not sure what they hope to accomplish because the league wants to increase scoring and the players association will be split with the shooters wanting a bigger advantage and the goaltenders wanting to keep themselves protected.

My suggestion? Trim the equipment and get rid of the goaltenders box. Have to give something to get something back. You do not limit scoring and you do not limit a goaltenders natural ability which is entertainment too.

NY Post: Larry Brooks puts on his usual pathetic display selling Ranger tradition like he's on the Garden payroll while taking his lazy cheap shots at the Islanders Sunday without a single quote from anyone as he throws out speculation that Ted Nolan may not be back to incite the fans.

Of course when Mr Brooks is not slamming the Isles/Devils or someone, Mark Everson makes sure New Jersey fans know the sky is falling for their team as he works the other side of the Hudson here.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Even Greg Logan wrote it's likely Garth Snow and Ted Nolan will be back in his speculation and he interviewed Mr Wang. The owner also said the coaches contract will be done when it's term ends.

Just the usual sad display of negativity designed to incite from the Post that just keeps the New York Hockey market invisible or Mr Brooks feels slighted the Isles did not call his paper which had Mr Brooks upset last summer. You want to play Islander insider Mr Brooks go cover the Islander games and get some quotes or give it a rest.

I feel bad for Devils fans because no matter what they will not get a fair shake at this paper next week as the Ranger reporters will sell the Ranger agenda win or lose. Jay Greenberg will come on board and help create perception against the Devils too if there is any chance to stir the pot.

Lou Lamoriello, Martin Brodeur and the mainstays from that franchise have earned better and so has Brent Sutter.

Sure wish some bloggers or a new generation of hockey writers make the jump to the professional writing level for the print media. The act from a few Ranger
die-hards creating perception is very old, tied and has only served to hurt hockey in New York. It's as if two or three people control the entire perception coming out of a market about a sport.

Granted the perception of New York Hockey is that's it's virtually invisible compared with the major sports.

Hopefully Islander fans can see through Post act at this point and take it with a large grain of salt.

Of course this is the same old and tired message I seem to write whenever the Post talks Islander Hockey anymore.

I sure wish I did not have to bother.

On other fronts....
Point Blank: Mr Botta seems very upset with the Rangers basically stealing money from the Islanders charity by inventing a way to give the Garden's team the charity money instead by their own selective standards on this annoying metro ice challenge that has been spammed on the telecasts all season.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It's kind of funny but par for the course with Msg, who will invent an Msg +3 or cut out Isles telecasts if they pushed it that far with Cablevision who bully everyone, I wonder if Mr Wang is still happy with Msg after his recent comments?

What's not funny is the kids for the Isles charity lose out which is all that really matters.

I can hear Dick Ebersol, Sam Flood already calling the Garden to use it against the Isles to keep them out of the Winter classic if it is played at Yankee Stadium and the Ranger media spin doctors taking their shots.

We all know Mr Botta has to fight the Ranger media alone, Newsday sure is not going to help. I'm sure Steve Zipay is already out influencing the Newsday opinion and it will not be in favor of the Isles.

Updated 11:30pm
And of course Ranger fan Steve Zipay in Newsday brings up 1979 as he links to Mr Botta's blog entry here.