So what will Isles do with Fabian Brunnstrom?

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/27/2008 03:06:00 PM |
Just a fun question for a Sunday afternoon.

I would think unless the Isles overwhelm him with money to where he does not mind playing in Bridgeport one of the things for signing here would be a guaranteed top six forward spot.

One his agent says he may not be ready for at this time with others saying he could be a bust.

Cue Mark Gandler (Bergenheim's agent) and Jeff Tambellini's agent because they are going to want to have a talk with Garth Snow if he spends that kind of money as their clients are restricted.

So let's just speculate for a moment Isles do win his rights and sign him.

What Islander left wing is Garth Snow trading for him to get his spot on the team next year? Bergenheim, Comeau, Tambellini or Sim are the left wings and all must play at this level or go through waivers.

Is Comeau going back to the right side where he looked lost last year and play the fourth line if Okposo makes the club. Is Bergenheim or Comeau moving to center?

We all know Guerin and Hunter are not playing fourth line.

What makes me laugh most is reading the papers. Toronto, Detroit, Philadelphia, Vancouver among others all have their media people out lobbying for him coming to their team or they already claim their club has an inside track.

How can all those teams have the inside track? Someone has to be on the outside.

If the Isles do bid Garth Snow may have to talk to a paper in another town before we get an answer to that one even though Katie Strang on the Newsday blog is making a nice effort to update us on peripheral items.

If they want to impress me get a quote from Garth Snow saying the Isles made a bid or declined to make a bid. If he's twenty three he should fit a team working in prospects somewhere.