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Amazing how many articles referencing the New York Islanders this time of year.

From the dynasty or the comebacks down 3-0 or just the incredible memorable wins and even the playoff beards this time of year. The history and the legacy are just fun to see everywhere even without the team in the playoffs. Other teams just do not have this kind of incredible tradition.

Islanders website: Reports Bill Guerin was nominated for the King Clancy award with his comments and Garth Snow's.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Glad he got nominated, we'll see if he gets picked in June. He could be fantastic off the ice but on the ice he played large stretches of the season where he did not work as hard as he is capable. In terms of on ice I think the gm went overboard with his praise. A player who had one assist after the opening weekend going into December who's veterans were called out by the coach on several occasions is not above and beyond.

Ted Nolan admitted last week he went easy on his veterans and it was a mistake, one the captain has be directly accountable for also.

Everything and more, Mr Snow? Scoring thirty with a bunch of big goals and a playoff spot is everything and more. Worst offensive club in the league where the captain called the powerplay awful is not everything and more.

If his name was Yashin people would be looking for a buyout and Yashin had no one nearly as talented as Comrie all those years.

To be fair the King Clancy award is given to a player who exemplifies leadership qualities on and off the ice and has made a noteworthy humanitarian contribution in the community. If Mr Snow feels his contribution was above and beyond off the ice I cannot say and do not know. It was reported he did a lot of great things, I do not want to give my readers any impression my comments are about anything but what I saw watching him play hockey games which is where my disagreement with the gm is here.

I felt that had to be added in here to be fair across the board. I have no idea what Bill Guerin does off the ice or in the community.

Vancouver Sun: Elliott Pap reports player agent Mike Gillis has been named the new general manager of the Vancouver Cauncks with speculation assistant gm Steve Tambellini could be replaced.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Another player agent makes the jump to general manager. Interesting the great class of potential general mangers for the Isles job two years ago are not exactly looking like incredible talents right now, although Chiarelli did a fantastic job getting Boston to the playoffs this year. I wonder how folks would feel with Dean Lombardi's record or Brent Sutter's fighting with his veterans, despite a solid year.

Some playoff notables:
All those former Islander defenders play game seven's.

Hamrlik Montreal-Won
Chara Boston-Loss
Aucoin Calgary-Loss

Mike Keenan is still the most destructive coach in hockey and once again his giant ego just had to tinker until he kills him team. Pulling Kiprusoff for Curtis Joseph and within a minute he let up a softie that basically put the game away. I know Calgary was outshot and outplayed badly before he did this but it's like he cannot help himself and has to try something/anything instead of trusting his world-class talent.

Without that absurd move it's a one goal goal down the stretch instead of a Calgary club that seemed resigned to it's fate after falling behind three.

Kiprusoff and his agent should be demanding a trade unless Keenan is fired, it was that dumb a move by a coach who's team was outplayed and outshot badly and did not need a gimmick but a leader.

Speaking of ego too bad Washington did not win for another reason.

Dick Ebersol and Sam Flood would have looked like Msg employees on Dolan's payroll if Montreal and the Garden's team got the NBC games vs Washington-Pittsburgh which is the best matchup of all for ratings.

It would have been very entertaining watching them put a spin on showing a
Montreal-Ranger matchup over the leagues best draws by a mile. I think they would have gotten some heavy abuse from the hockey media also if they tried to pull it off.

Funny how last Sunday NBC's partner Versus did not get the hockey games when NBC showed the pope but Msg plus did? That's how friendly Msg and Mr Ebersol are.

It will be fun watching Ed Snider Comcast/Versus in Philadelphia vs the
Dolan-Ebersol connection fight for NBC games with Crosby in the middle. Personally the league needs to go where Crosby goes unless they wish to dig up the Detroit-Colorado rivalry now that Ovechkin is out.

In my opinion Ovechkin-Crosby was the only real ratings draw they have. None of these matchups will pull in big numbers.

For some reason I found myself pulling for Washington and was happy to see big crowds and a great building from a fanbase that even after going to a final looked lost after leaving Landover. What is Ted Leonsis waiting for to add Alexei Yashin to that speed and skill with his world-class shot?

If he stays healthy he will put up eight points in his sleep with everyone targeting Ovechkin, Backstrom, Semin. Announced former Islander J.P Parise was named the general manager and head coach of the Des Moines Buccaneers.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Congratutions and best of luck to JP Parise.

Article also credits Parise for his prior work as director of prospect evaluation at Shattuck St. Mary's Prep School in Faribault, Minn as one of the premiere prep school hockey programs in the world that has produced the likes of Sidney Crosby and Kyle Okposo.

Newsday: Katie Strang had another blog on the Islanders Newsday page with Pat Lafontaine's comments on his latest charity endeavor where he praised Ted Nolan for his coaching and gave his thoughts on the young players and the Isles future.